All payments must be received no later than 24 hours before a requested booking time, otherwise, the booking will be forfeited.
Cancellations & Refunds

Cancellations or refunds are not permitted. However, a lesson may be rescheduled, but only at the next available time within Oliver's business hours. If a student fails to cancel their lesson 24 hours before the original lesson time and reschedule to a later date, then the lesson and payment will be forfeited. 
Lessons with Minors
While it is not compulsory for minors to be accompanied by a parent or guardian, it is strongly recommended, as it can be beneficial for weekly practice reinforcement, as well as educational. However, for instances where this is not possible, it is advised that the students bring a video recorder for their homework reference. 
Behaviour & Misconduct
As a music educator, Oliver provides high quality lessons in a professional manner, and students, as well as parents, are therefore expected to behave in such a manner. Misconduct of any kind will not be permitted. This includes: verbal or physical harassment, late payments, frequent no-shows without reason, and failure to bring stationery and homework materials. 
AMEB Exams
Oliver is only able to advise which exam each student should take and when it should be taken. It is the responsibility of the parent or adult learner to book exams through AMEB directly with Oliver's educator code. The exam fees may vary depending on the level of the exam that is sought. Once booked, the exam date can only be changed with an extension fee. For more information, please visit the AMEB website to view their terms & conditions. 
Piano Accompaniment
Should a student require piano accompaniment for exams, performances, or rehearsals, Oliver's home accompanist is able to assist at a set fee of $90 per hour, or $45 per half hour. The waiting, travel, and exam time are also accounted for in the total. However, jobs will only be accepted based on the amount of notice given, with the sheet music required immediately. See the following:

Grades 1-3 - two weeks, with a minimum of two rehearsals prior to the exam/performance.
Grades 4-6 - one month, with a minimum of two rehearsals prior to the exam/performance.
Grades 7-8 - two months, with a minimum of three rehearsals prior to the exam/performance.